Being pregnant is the happiest and most crucial event in a woman’s life. The fact that life is growing inside of you is a miracle. The transformation from a woman to a mother is exhilarating and full of wonderful moments. However, there is something more you should be aware of regarding your pregnancy. So, here are 20 lesser-known pregnancy symptoms and side effects to give you an idea that you are not only pregnant but also have to deal with all of these negative effects. So, let’s start from the very beginning.

Who will be the one to inform you?

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Let’s have a look at,


Fatigue, nausea, back and joint pain, constant urination, constant hunger, and being “emotional” are all common pregnancy symptoms, so no one is surprised. However, individuals rarely discuss the numerous other pleasures that can accompany a positive pregnancy test.

Let’s look at some other pregnancy side effects:

1. Sore Boobs:

 For many women, sore boobs are one of the first pregnancy symptoms they experience. Tender breasts result from increased blood flow, fat formation, and hormones, especially in the first few weeks.

2. Your Areolas May Darken if Your Nipples Protrude:

Your nipples may protrude more than usual. Your breasts will grow in size and weight. You may require a larger, more supportive bra. Your areolas will also become darker and bigger. 

3. You Might Have Extra Spit:

 Hormones appear to be the culprit, as they are the go-to explanation for almost everything during pregnancy. Extra saliva is usually the body’s warning mechanism; thus, nausea could be one of the causes. When you are pregnant, it’s natural to have extra saliva. Ptyalism, also known as sialorrhea, is excessive salivation that does not affect your infant.

4. You Might Be Constipated:

 You have got a lot of progesterone coursing through your veins right now, and it’s crucial – hence the name, which means “pro gestating”. Since it relaxes your uterus muscles, preventing early contractions. The disadvantage is that it relaxes all of your muscles, making it easy to become constipated.

5. Hemorrhoids: 

Hemorrhoids are bulging veins in and around your rectum that can afflict up to 50% of pregnant women. The most common causes are a developing uterus and increasing blood flow, but constipation and delivery can also cause them. They might range from itching to excruciating discomfort, but they usually go away after pregnancy.

6. You Might Be Congested:

 Nasal congestion is common among pregnant women, and it can be a real pain. Estrogen causes your nose’s mucous membranes to grow along with everything else, causing congestion and even nosebleeds. This may also result in snoring while sleeping.

7. You Might Have Heartburn:

 Progesterone, a hormone that relaxes your uterus, might cause heartburn. It also relaxes a muscle in the esophagus called the lower esophageal sphincter. Stomach acid may back up into your esophagus as a result of this relaxation. It can feel like you are gargling battery acid, whether it’s called acid indigestion, acid reflux, or heartburn.

8. Leg Cramps May Occur: 

This is most probable when you finally fall asleep after your heartburn has subsided and your nose has cleared. Compressed blood arteries or just the pressure of carrying additional weight are two probable causes. In either case, they are excruciatingly unpleasant and, like an air horn, jolt you awake from blissful slumber.

9. You Could Have Restless Leg Syndrome:

 Restless leg syndrome isn’t hazardous. It can be annoying and affect your sleep. It usually occurs at night and affects the lower legs between the knee and the ankle. It can also affect your feet and arms. 

10. You Might Get Sweaty:

 Your metabolism and hormones increase blood flow, causing you to sweat like a Tampa toilet tank.

11. You Might Get Acne During Pregnancy:

 Acne is common among pregnant women. During the first and second trimesters, it is the most common. Increased androgens might cause your skin’s sebaceous glands to enlarge and generate more sebum, which is an oily, waxy material. This oil has the potential to block pores, resulting in germs, irritation, and outbreaks

12. Your Feet Might Swell:

 Relaxin is one of the causes because it relaxes the ligaments in your body, especially your feet, allowing them to stretch out. Your body retains fluids as well, and those fluids tend to pool towards the bottom of your body (specifically, your feet), causing them to puff up.

13. You Might Pee Your Pants:

 It’s commonly known that pregnant women have to pee a lot. Because your bladder is directly behind your uterus, it can’t always withstand the pressure as your baby grows. Sneezing, coughing, or exercising puts strain on the dam, which causes it to leak.

14. Your Gums May Bleed:

Once again, progesterone is to blame. Gum bleeding is a typical pregnant side effect that isn’t caused for alarm. If you have morning sickness, it is recommended that you avoid sweets, visit your dentist, and rinse your mouth with water after you throw up.

15. You Might Have Itchy Skin:

 Itchy skin is caused by stretching and estrogen, and it’s very common during pregnancy. It appears that the best treatment is to treat it the same way you would treat winter skin – lower the temperature in your shower, moisturize, avoid harsh soaps, and so on.

16. You Might Have a Sharper Sense of Smell:

 A sharper sense of smell is a pleasant pregnancy symptom that many people find endearing unless it’s you. It’s produced by estrogen, and it might mess with your gag reflex, making morning sickness worse.

17. You Might Have Bad Gas:

 Progesterone and relaxin slow and soften everything, including your gastrointestinal muscles, which slows digestion and causes gas to build. Gas frequently comes along for the ride on the pregnant train, whether it’s escaping from the roof or the basement.

18. Your Skin Pigmentation May Alter:

 Hormones cause your melanin cells to create more pigment, darkening your freckles, areolas, and the linea nigra, a beautiful line that runs down your stomach. It can also go a little crazy with the “tan dial” and induce Chloasma, which are random blotches on the skin. Women with darker complexions are more likely to develop hyperpigmentation, but it usually resolves after delivery.

19. Your Vaginal Discharge May Alter:

 Due to elevated estrogen levels, you may notice an increase in creamy white discharge early in pregnancy. Leucorrhea (white vaginal discharge) is nothing to be white, be thin or thick, and odorless or mildly scented. Green vaginal discharge that smells bad causes pain or itching or is otherwise odd could be an indication of infection or another disease.

20. You Might Get Skin Tags: 

These are just a stretch mark. Most of us are aware that scars can occur during pregnancy. They are little skin growths that appear in regions with a lot of friction, including your armpits, neck, and beneath your boobs.


Some of the symptoms are quite ordinary and go away after delivery. You should see your gynecologist if any of the above-mentioned symptoms make you uncomfortable.


The majority of adverse effects are common and usually resolve on their own. Some of your expert gynecologist’s recommended solutions are given below:

Sore boobs:

  • Wear a more supportive bra if you have sore boobs.
  • Shower in warm water.
  • Pain relievers prescribed by a doctor

Darkening of Areolas and Protruding Nipples:

This will return to normal after delivery.


  • Move more if you have constipation.
  • Increase your fluid intake.
  • Consume more fiber and eat smaller meals.


Hemorrhoids usually disappear after pregnancy.

Leg Cramps: 

To cure leg cramps, flex your foot upwards and straighten your leg as if you were going to touch your shin with your big toe.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): 

  • Stretching
  • Take warm Bath
  • Acupuncture and gentle massage are two treatments that can help you feel better.

Urinary Incontinence:

  • This is one of the few times when “a lot of water” isn’t recommended as a treatment.
  • Kegel exercises

Skin Itching

  • Turn down the heat in your shower.
  • Avoid using abrasive soaps.
  • After a bath, moisturize your skin.

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Pregnancy is a wonderful part of life. During the nine months of pregnancy, women confront a slew of issues. Some of the symptoms are harmless and will go away with time, but others are serious and require immediate attention from your gynecologist.