Myomectomy Treatment in Bopal, Ahmedabad

Dr. Himali Maniar is a renowned gynecologist for myomectomy treatment in Bopal,

Ahmedabad at Nisha Women’s Hospital. She has extensive experience in a wide range of gynecological and fertility procedures. She excels in myomectomy surgery and is known to treat uterine fibroids while preserving the patient’s fertility effectively.

Dr. Maniar, a leading gynecologist in South Bopal, Ahmedabad, offers an empathetic approach to her patients’ issues and delivers optimal results using advanced surgical techniques. She has years of experience in handling normal delivery, high-risk pregnancy, painless delivery, and cesarean delivery.

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Many women develop non-cancerous lumps in the uterus during their childbearing age. These lumps are called uterine fibroids. They are usually harmless. But, they can cause some pain during periods, urination, and sex.

This is where the need for myomectomy arises. It is a surgery to remove uterine fibroids without damaging the uterus’s surroundings.

In some cases, where fibroid pain becomes unbearable and symptoms cannot be managed any longer with medical treatments, that’s when Dr. Maniar performs a laparoscopic hysterectomy, fixing the issue permanently by removing your uterus.


Scroll below to learn who should choose to go ahead with myomectomy treatment.

Who should opt for myomectomy?

Myomectomy is for women having uterus growths called fibroids. Small fibroids are not a concern. but, larger ones need medical attention. They can disrupt menstruation and cause severe complications, like infertility.

Here are some factors that may indicate the need for surgical intervention:


  • Symptomatic fibroids: If you experience heavy period bleeding, pelvic pain, or lower abdominal pressure due to uterine fibroids.
  • Desire to preserve fertility: For women who wish to retain the ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.
  • Unresponsive to traditional methods: If taking medication or hormonal therapy fails to provide relief from fibroid symptoms.

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You must be curious how Dr. Himali Maniar, a renowned gynecologist in South Bopal, Ahmedabad, does myomectomy. What process does she follow?

Procedures involved in myomectomy treatment

Learn the step-by-step journey of having a myomectomy treatment in Bopal, Ahmedabad at Nisha Women’s Hospital.


Medical Evaluation:

Before the surgery, the doctor may recommend specific tests to assess your health condition and tailor a suitable treatment strategy for you. Additionally, dietary adjustments, medication changes, and logistical preparations may be necessary in preparation for the procedure

Incision and Fibroid Removal:

Dr. Maniar uses the latest advancements in surgery to perform the procedure. Using the advanced equipment and using the laparoscopic technique, she makes tiny incisions in the abdomen to reach the uterus. She then carefully removes the fibroids while preserving the uterus’s structural integrity.

Closing Surgical Wounds:

After the fibroids are removed, the uterine incisions are carefully closed with stitches to reduce the risk of wound infections and enhance recovery.

Monitoring and Recovery Guidance:

Following surgery, you will be continuously monitored in the recovery area to ensure your vitals are stable.

Before discharge, the doctor will provide instructions on how to care for the surgical cuts. Further, she will also tell you how to manage pain and slowly return to regular daily activities.

The medical team at Nisha Women’s Hospital will schedule follow-up appointments to track your recovery and address any concerns or questions you have.


Being informed about the potential risks and complications associated with surgery is crucial for establishing trust and confidence in your surgeon.

What are the risks of myomectomy treatment?

Advancements in medical technology have provided doctors with precise instruments, enabling them to undertake intricate surgical procedures with accuracy and efficiency. But, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks. This awareness can help you make better decisions about your treatment.

Damage to Surrounding Organs

  • There’s a slight risk of unintentional damage to nearby organs such as the bladder or intestines during surgery, although this is rare.

Scar Tissue Formation

  • Formation of scar tissue (adhesions) in the abdominal cavity can occur post-surgery, potentially causing pain or bowel

Uterine Rupture in Future Pregnancies

  • Women who undergo myomectomy may have a slightly higher risk of uterine rupture in later pregnancies.


  • While myomectomy aims to preserve fertility, there’s a small risk of infertility due to surgical complications or scarring.

Why Choose Them?


Nisha Women’s Hospital is at the forefront of medical technology, offering state-of-the-art advancements in women’s healthcare.


Dr. Himali Maniar and her team are experts in gynecological procedures including myomectomy treatment in Bopal.


Dr. Maniar has a proven track record of successful outcomes and patient satisfaction making her one of the most preferred gynecologists in the city.


She always maintains a patient-centric approach by providing customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs.


At Nisha Women’s Hospital, you are provided with comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative support.

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For further information on specific doubts that you may have, do check out the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the health insurance cover myomectomy surgery?

Most of the time, health insurance companies cover the expenses of myomectomy surgeries, considering it is medically necessary. On the other hand, coverage could be different according to the type of insurance plan, the terms of the policy, and your medical history. So confirm with your provider before the surgery.

How soon can I expect relief from symptoms following myomectomy surgery?

Symptom relief following the surgery varies among patients and depends on factors such as the severity of symptoms, the type of surgery performed, and how quickly your body recovers. Some may experience instant relief, while it might be gradual for others.

Are there any alternative treatments to myomectomy surgery for fibroids?

In fact, these days there are a lot of options for myomectomy like medicines, hormonal treatment, uterine artery embolization, and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

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